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My Non-Terrible, Potentially Awesome Blog

4 Feb

A small series of events has led me to start this blog. The first ‘event,’ if you could call it that, is really an even smaller series of non-events. Specifically, I discovered that an old friend/acquaintance is a blogger. This blogger will remain 100% nameless because there is a chance (it remains to be seen how big this chance is) that this person will discover my blog much the way I discovered his/hers. (Thanks, Facebook).

Anyway, this blogger’s blog is, in a word, terrible. I have many other words to describe it, but it’s really besides the point. Actually, I’ll use a couple more to give you a better sense of my initial inspiration. Poorly written, pretentious, contrived. Are you following me? It is painful.

So upon discovery of said blog several months ago, two of my friends (B and Mama Bird) and I began chronicling its progression. Each time we read a post, I’d exclaim that I needed to start my own blog because my blog would just be so much better! B and Mama Bird agreed, of course, because A. it’s true, and B. they love me.

Fast foward to yesterday, when the Terrible Blog had a new Terrible Post. This one was so contrived and painful, I couldn’t even manage to type my reaction calmly to Mama Bird. No, I pounded on the keyboard, butchered words, and send excerpts to another of my friends, Twin. I was also alarmed to find myself thinking in blog. Like it’s some kind of language or something.

[Related Sidenote: In the past four or so months I’ve had a string of hilarious and very unsuccessful first and sometimes second dates, which have clearly contributed to the phenomenon in my head known as “thinking in blog.”]

Back to yesterday. With my blog-thinking and Terrible Post discovery and recent hilarious experiences and all kinds of cliches and Great Ideas in my head, I decide to Google “nyc dating blogs.” The thought process there was that if I could find one that I wanted to emulate, well…maybe I could emulate it? Anyway, I came across bethis, who turned out to be my Blog Twin. No lie. I read all about her like a creepy stalker and seriously, we might be the same person only she is in Rhode Island and I’ve never been there. So I told her all that and she emailed me and demanded I start my own.

So I have.

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