Speaking of the drive of pride…

7 Feb

I definitely had my own little walk of shame Friday morning. During the 10 blocks, I managed to call Twin and Mama Bird. B got the call on the way to work. Twin cracked up, Mama Bird called it “an epidemic,” and B was still in bed, though not her own. Apparently our simultaneous dry spells have also simultaneously decided to end. We’re all okay with this.

The fact that this happened is hilarious for several reasons. One, since moving in New York City over a year ago, I’ve managed to avoid spending the night anywhere but my own bed when making out is involved. I’ve managed to wake up in lots of random apartments, but it’s always on the couch of a friend (or sometimes co-worker). Hooking up has literally never been involved.

Thursday night I went out for a free hour-long open bar (thanks to Twin’s business card) and subsequently had vodka-sodas for dinner. Twin and I, plus the newest hire at our company, hung out from right after work until 11:30 or so, when we went to meet up with the rest of our co-workers. Our senior vice president (SVP) was there with a tab open, so clearly more drinks had to be ordered. The entire time at this second bar is incredibly fuzzy for me, but I’m told that I was chatting up three different guys (apparently all friends) and no one was quite sure who I’d end up making out with.

In my memory, it was always the Tall One (he’s 6’4). I have no idea what kind of time frame was covered between meeting him, talking, making out (at the bar – so classy), and leaving. I do know the following:

  1. Twin told me SVP saw me making out and exclaimed, “Who the hell is that guy?!” (This is funny because our co-workers always seem to find me in precarious situations, but she is the one who has had far more precarious hookups.)
  2. I found text messages sent to Twin in my phone going something like this: At 1:30am, “I’m going home!!” … 1 hour later, “Oops, not going home! Details tomorrow!”. Wow.
  3. Tall One is friends with a co-worker, very cute, my age, and lives 10 blocks away. He also thinks I am basically the hottest girl in the world (which is so far from the truth, but is always nice to hear). This could turn into a very convenient arrangement.

Tonight, I’m babysitting and then going out with Twin and co. to a club where we are going to get free bottle service (I love connections.) This will likely result in some drunk texting with Tall One and, I won’t lie, I wouldn’t mind another 10 block walk home tomorrow morning.

For now, I’m off to a blind date (from the internet – now there are some interesting stories). We’re getting hot chocolate and I’m already planning my escape route. I’m really not a dater.


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