Let me introduce you to B

10 Feb

I’ve put off writing the B introduction not because it’s hard to write or talk about her, but because it’s hard to limit myself! I could talk for hours and write for pages about what an amazing person she is in all facets of her life and how she defines the term “best friend” for me.

At this point, she’s likely grinning and/or blushing. Her ears are likely burning. And now she’s chuckling out loud because she knows this is all true. Right, B?

I met B in an English Lit class second semester freshman year. The professor was dry and challenging and we sat across from each other and didn’t talk almost all semester. I remember being somewhat intimidated by B until we studied together for some big test and realized we were destined to be best friends. I think it went something like this:

[…chatting, not studying, chatting some more…]

B: So, I really don’t fit in with everyone at this school. I don’t come from a wealthy background at all.

Me: Same here!

[…best friend status established…]

No, but seriously, we totally bonded over similer-yet-so-different backgrounds, shockingly alike worldviews and perspectives, and a self-awareness that is both a blessing and a curse to this day.

B has hair that is always healthy. She’s never dyed it. It’s not that blond anymore but I will never think of her as a brunette. She has green eyes but people usually think they are blue. B has perfectly chiseled cheekbones. B is fucking hot and she knows it but in the least possible arrogant way out there. She’s unassuming and hands down one of the most intelligent, intellectual thinkers I have ever known.

I can’t tell you anything about B that would give her real identity away because someday she’s going to be a powerful politician and an elected official and everyone knows you can’t get elected to big offices when your best friend writes about you in a blog.

B is in law school right now in a city 8 hours from me. I always miss her but sometimes the missing gets bigger and then my heart hurts. Mostly, my heart hurts when B’s heart hurts because somehow they have become linked and now this is just getting way too deep and emotional so I’ll leave you with this:

B is a part of the recent oasis epidemic and her boy has – wait, stuff like that won’t get you into political offices. Use your imagination.


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