The Last Date

11 Feb

So, like I said in an earlier post, I’m really not a dater. That said, I’ve done more dating in the past 5 months than I have in my entire life. This is because J (best friend from my time in Chicago) made me sign up for This is not really common knowledge for everyone I know, but at this point I really don’t care. I did the 3-month thing and then forgot to cancel and it auto-renewed me for another 3 months. Technically, it all ends in March, but Saturday night I cancelled it officially anyway.

Anyway, the date I referred to in the last post was with Justin. I’m using his real name because I’m never going to see him again and he will never in a million years find this and know it’s me and recognize himself. Those things just would not happen together. And if they do, then that’s awesome and he deserves to read this.

So Justin and I met at City Bakery to get the best hot chocolate in the world. It’s really just like a melted chocolate bar in a cup with a homemade marshmallow on it. B and Twin have both had this and can vouch for its Best In The World status. So the place was really crowded and we couldn’t sit down and it was 50 degress outside which for February in the northeast might as well be 90 so we went outside and just started walking.

I should stop here before it gets too cute-sounding and tell you that as soon as I realized who I was actually approaching (read: before we met!), I knew I was not interested. Granted, I was planning my escape route Friday night, but … he was wearing a hat. One of those mail-boy caps that are like berets only for guys. (Sidenote: My brother wears one of these and absolutely pulls it off, but he’s the only person of the male kind I’ve ever seen wear this look well).

Anyway, aside from the hat, I became painfully aware very early on that we just had nothing to talk about. Justin’s a med student doing his rotations. I never completed a lab science in college (I tried Astronomy and ended up withdrawing half way through). There are two “conversations” that stand that can illustrate this further:

  1. In an attempt to find some kind of common ground, I asked, “So, do you cook?” His reply: “Yep.” Alllright then. Care to elaborate? No? Ok, we can stand in silence.
  2. Trying to steer the conversation toward Europe and travels and interesting experiences, I asked, “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?” (I promise I don’t only talk about food on dates and normally this particular quesiton leads to the story where I explain about eating peacock.) So I asked him about that and it went like this:

Justin: Well, that depends on your definition of weird.

Me: …Umm…you know, not normal?

Justin: There’s this thing called a cow. Sometimes people eat it.

Me: ….    ……

Justin: [laughs] That’s weird, right?

Oh, you have no idea, dude.


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