Oasis Update, or Why Valentine’s Day is Stupid

16 Feb

So this weekend was Valentine’s Day. This was both awesome and frustrating. The next post is going to outline the hilarious and great lines that made it awesome.

I’ll rewind a couple days and give you the Tall One update. The last time I mentioned him was over a week ago, when I walked home the 10 blocks from his place Friday morning. That Saturday, there were texts exchanged, but he was out of town. I was planning to wait till Thursday (when I knew I’d be a bit tipsy after an alum happy hour in midtown) to text again. But he beat me to it on Wednesday…morning.

In my opinion, morning texts are super aggressive and can be good or fucking creepy. In this case, I was pleased. Basically, he told me his roommate was gone the next night and asked me to come over. Clearly, I agreed. Thursday evening rolls around, I have 2 glasses of wine (my limit, since I knew he’d be sober and felt my coherence was key), texts were exchanged, and around 8:45 I made my way over.

We hung out in his apartment until it was very late and we were both falling asleep. I made the executive decision not to stay over this time and he walked me home (necessary? not at all. cute? definitely.). I stood on my front step, he kissed me bye, I went inside and he walked back home.

So Friday is when I realize that, wow, it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend. And, wow, that sucks, because as much as I’d like it to be just another Saturday night, it’s not. At all. Which equals changing Tall One’s name in my phone to “OFF LIMITS.” Here’s why, and subsequently why V’Day is just so dumb to me:

Friday night was too soon to make contact again; we’d just hung out Thursday night for the second time. Saturday would have been fine, had it not been the quintessential couples holiday. Needless to say, there were no textual exchanges Friday or Saturday. My original plan, then, was to text Sunday (last) night, except I was far too hungover to move off of Twin’s couch until 9pm so that went out the window.

In other Oasis news, Mama Bird is back in the desert after her supposed Nice Guy told her he didn’t know her well enough to know whether he wanted a relationship or not. Clearly he’s very lame. B is basically swimming in an ocean with her guy (we will call him Very Tall One, since he is apparently over 6’6″). I guess I’m still wading around, so we’ll see what happens this week.


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