My heart might leap out of my chest

19 Feb

No, no guy updates.

I’ve just ODed on coffee and I can’t stop jittering. This is not ok. My last sip today was 11am. It is now after 2pm and I can’t even form a coherent thought in my head to type into this box.

In other news, VB ‘outed’ me (or my blog, rather) at work yesterday. I have a feeling he secretly reads this, but he would never admit to it. Anyway, having a blog while working in my current position is more ironic than it should be I think.

I’ll explain my job a bit – I work in online advertising, where my job revolves around helping people make money on the internet with online ad campaigns. Basically, it’s all about managing people with websites and helping them monetize their traffic.

The irony (in case you don’t see it) is that I have absolutely no desire to make money off the internet in any way. I could probably do it (and manage myself?) but it is not appealing to me. I’d rather sit here and tell you how to do it.

Anyway, there was a bit of an uproar when VB announced the existence of the blog and subsequently several requests for the url. I announced that while it isn’t a secret (it’s on my facebook page!), I’m not handing it out. This is public stuff and I realize that and I don’t put anything up that would upset/offend/jeopardize anyone or anything, but at the same time, I started this blog for me. That’s the whole point of this blogging era, isn’t it? To be so self-involved that you think the entire world wants to read about your life on the internet?

Whatever. The point is, now the guys I work with know about the blog. Which means that whatever I write from now on is fair game in the office. This is mostly ok since my office is more of a frat-house-trading-floor-combo than corporate environment.

But still. Having a blog with so much transparency is kind of weird.


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