“…Sara, right?”

22 Feb

I’ve been sick all weekend, hence the lack of posts. But I just can’t put off telling you about Thursday night any longer. It was…amazing/hilarious/awkward/unbelievable.

Twin once again won an open bar (as she’ll tell you, she’s a winner). This time it was at McFadden’s. For anyone the least bit familiar with Manhattan bars, you know the quality of this place and its patrons. For those of you who are not familiar…well, just picture weeknights with frat-boy-turned-suit-wearing-midtowners and their female counterparts ripping shots and getting wasted by 8pm. Weekends are an entirely different story, with only the highest caliber of Jersey/Long Island in-for-the-night-partiers.

Anyway, the only times my friends and I set foot in McFadden’s is for these open bar deals (which despite recent events don’t acutally occur that frequently) and every Sunday during football season for Bills games.

As it happens, Twin and I had not been there since the last Bills game back in December. And I’ll give you some back-story so you can appreciate the amazingness of Thursday night:

A group of four of us were Bills-bar-regulars, going to the bar almost every Sunday to watch the game, binge-eat wings, and drink absurb amounts of Bud Light (all for $20–really, it’s awesome). Seeing as the Buffalo Bills are not exactly the best team (stats-wise), the fan base is very regular and steady and what I’m trying to say is that we saw the same people week after week. We made lots of New Friends. Sometimes we made out with these New Friends. Since we all knew we’d see each other the next week, numbers were always exchanged, a week of texts always ensued, and then the next Sunday was inevitably incredibly awkward. Despite this predicable pattern, there was one Sunday that was maybe one of the crazier ones. Three of the four of us made out with our respective New Friends…in the same booth. The fourths of each group just discussed how awkward it was that the rest of us were doing that. I’m not really proud of this, but I also didn’t remember that I did it. I do remember, however, thinking I was being wonderfully sneaky in grabbing my New Friend and pulling him around the corner to make out … more privately? Who knows.

Whatever. What made that New Friend awesomely awkward is that he repeatedly told me how excited he was to finally be talking to me, since he’d seen me at the bar every Sunday of the season and been too nervous to come say hi. I’d literally never seen him before. Lucky for him, I was wasted enough that evening to give him a bit more than the time of day. We exchanged numbers, he called/texted, but when I saw the pictures resulting from that day…well, I realized my beer goggles were far thicker than I could have imagined. Oops.

Fast forward to Thursday (I’m sure you can tell where this is going). Twin and I are standing by/talking to/maybe hitting on the DJ with our glasses of wine when I see none other than My New Friend. I quickly duck down in front of Twin and collapse into laughter. Twin has no clue what has come over me until I gasp that New Friend was just standing behind her staring at me. She promptly begins laughing at my awkward situation. She keeps laughing at/with me until I glance over and see HER New Friend from that same night…our New Friends are friends with each other and apparently decided to come to happy hour at McFadden’s as well. I promptly begin to laugh back at her. We continue laughing at/with each other through a couple more glasses of wine when suddenly I feel an arm around my waist and hear, “Sara, right?”

I can’t even imagine the look on my face when I turned to find New Friend NEXT TO AND TOUCHING ME. I replied with a stifled-laugh-awkward-what-the-fuck-is-happening-heyyyy! He proceeds to kiss me on the cheek and act as though we are Old Friends instead of one-time-New-Friends. Twin and her roommate are standing nearby, open-mouthed and incredulous, trying to remain upright and straight-faced and basically failing miserably, which does not help my own composure.

Finally New Friend decides we’ve “caught up” enough and says how great it was to see me and maybe we’ll see each other again and then kissed my cheek AGAIN and walks back to his friend/Twin’s New Friend.

Obviously, Twin resumed laughing at me and we agreed that I was the winner of the my-life-is-awkward award of the night.

Then, just to really secure that award, as we were leaving I went up to the DJ, told him we were leaving, and said in what I thought was a seductive voice,

“Thanks for playing our songs.”

And then handed him my business card.


3 Responses to ““…Sara, right?””

  1. Beth February 22, 2009 at 12:52 pm #

    OK… I just died at that last line. Sometimes, when you have a night that just cannot be anymore ridiculous, you need to do whatever you can to try to MAKE it more ridiculous. Just for fun.

    PS- Bills fan? Please tell me you are from upstate/western NY… we really ARE twins!

  2. Dating Without Pants February 22, 2009 at 8:44 pm #

    Haha McFadden’s is terrible. And what’s the deal with all these really awkward guys being attracted to you? Incredible.


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