I’m Rolling You

24 Feb

So, here I am, with some thoughts on my mind but none that I want to explore enough to make a post…yet. FreshDirect is making its very first delivery to my doorstep between now and 10pm so I am apartment-bound basically until I go to bed (since I’d really like to get to sleep early so I can – for once – make it to the gym in the morning).

So what am I going to do? Go on a blogrolling spree.

I only have three right now and while they’re awesome, I keep finding new blogs through other blogs and getting lost in this tangle of blogs and wanting to read them all and forgetting about them and…now I’m rolling you.

You’re getting rolled if I find you at all interesting, entertaining, or relatable and I have no idea how many of you I’ll find! The whole blogging thing is becoming a lot more fun than I had anticipated; it’s so fun having the chance to glimpse into your lives and then be able to let you glimpse into mine. Is that cheesy? Yeah. Sorry.

Anyway. Let the spree begin.

Update: 11:53pm

Uh yeah, so much for getting to bed early. Anyway, I got distracted and the spree was more like…spurts…ew I hate that word…and right, so I just finished adding 8 blogs. Does it tell you when I do that? Like some kind of notice or anything? If so, go find me on 20sb because I joined and I am still trying to get friends and stuff so I can look cool. If not…um…you probably aren’t reading this.

Now it’s clearly bedtime. And I will go to the gym tomorrow. Morning.


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