Speaking of Thomas Pink, we need to make goals!

14 Mar

Shortly following the Thomas Pink development, Twin declared that we should make goals for today’s crawl. I think it is appropriate to share them here – for your enjoyment but also to hold Twin, Frere (who is visiting me this weekend! Yay!), and me accountable today.

Here they are:

SPD ’09 Crawl Goals

1. Meet and photograph Thomas Pink

2. Drink only green beverages

3. Steal a minimum of 1 item per bar

4. Hand out at least 1 sticker to each new person we meet (including Thomas Pink)

5. Give out The Jew’s  [one of Twin’s – and now my – friends; I promise this is not an offensive nickname :)] phone # to at least 1 male

6. Convince a set of strangers that Twin and I are twins, Frere and I are siblings, but Frere and Twin are cousins

7. Avoid getting arrested or throwing up (especially on trees)

7a. If throwing up is necessary, it must be done on a tree

8. Any awesome hats and/or sunglasses we see must be borrowed for a photo shoot

9. Get a “fellow” [Twin’s college] Alum to remember Frere or me from class one year.

10. Take as many pictures as possible with unknown members of the opposite sex at each bar

I will be reporting back tomorrow with Thomas Pink and SPD Crawl Goal updates.


One Response to “Speaking of Thomas Pink, we need to make goals!”

  1. Dating Without Pants March 16, 2009 at 5:56 pm #

    First of all, I would like to change my name to Thomas Pink.

    Second, theft is a fantastic objective. I look forward to your report on your ill-gotten goods.

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