Hannah Montana is in My Fridge

11 Apr
 Yeah, you read that title correctly. Hannah Montana is in my fridge.

It’s Easter weekend, which means there is probably no one reading this anytime soon, but I promised to post more often and I have free time now. My office was closed yesterday for Good Friday (ironic since most of my co-workers are Jewish, but I’m not complaining) so the fact that today is still Saturday makes me incredibly happy.

The entire day free of work was totally devoted to crafts, which was surprisingly refreshing and a lot more fun than I’d expected. In honor of the pending resurrection of Jesus, Twin and I dyed eggs yesterday. The only options at Duane Reade were High School Musical and Hannah Montana. And I sure as hell didn’t want Vanessa Hudgens chilling in my fridge (shit – that pun was so not intended, but it’s too good/cheesy to change now). So anyway, Twin and I sat in my kitchen as 14 eggs boiled and then high-speed-cooled in my freezer. We mixed the little dye tablets and punched out the cardboard “bracelets.” It never became clear if the bracelets were for the eggs or our wrists. They’re still on my counter.

I got to have my first experience with those shrink-wrapping covers for eggs and we each had “Secret Pop Star” glitter stickers on our shirts as we focused on egg dyeing. Now, when you open my fridge, this is the first thing you see:

My fridge is more colorful than yours.

My fridge is more colorful than yours.

 In case Hannah’s not clear enough for you, I have this close-up:

I wish I was cool enough to be on eggs.

I wish I was cool enough to be on eggs.

After these masterpieces were complete, we went to ladies’ night at Make, this paint-your-own-pottery place where, on Friday nights, they let the ladies paint for half price and serve us unlimited free red wine. There were about 10 of us and we were by far the loudest in the shop…maybe because everyone else there seemed to be on a date? (So unclear to me why any guy would agree to paint pottery with a chick on a Friday night, but whatever works for you, right?)

Anyway, I painted a mug but I can’t pick up the finished piece for a week. I’ll probably post a picture of that, too, because I mean…it will either be way better or way worse than Hannah Montana Easter eggs. And either way, you’ll probably want to see it.


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