Level 3 Guac and a Rogue Mariachi Band

8 May

I had to finish the HBG storyline before moving on to present-day, but Tuesday’s events make for a nice segue into what will be this coming weekend.

Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo. I should probably tell the story of Cinco de Mayo ’08 at some point (It involves five of my best friends, Myrtle Beach, lots of alcohol, a few one-night stands, and a suitor-turned-psycho-stalker.) but for now I’ll stick with this past Tuesday.

Originally, Twin and I had plans to go out with our co-workers for happy hour (which always turns into an entire night out). Unfortunately, the 90-degree April weather we enjoyed for about a week has disintegrated into rainy, mid-40’s clouds. (I really don’t think I should have to see my breath in May.) So Tuesday afternoon rolls around and everyone is basically tired and grumpy and coming down with the swine flu and the work outing gets rescheduled. I’m still all about celebrating, though, and apparently so is Twin and so is R1 (which is great news because she just got back from China after more than two weeks away!).

So the three of us make plans to meet at Caliente Cab in the West Village after work for some giant margaritas and guacamole. Apparently, arriving at Caliente Cab at 7pm on Cinco de Mayo isn’t the best time to go…the line was over an hour long. So I called R1, she did some quick research at her hell-hole of an office, and Twin and I set off to check out a cute little Mexican place with “margarita” in its name. It had good reviews! And 4 stars! And then…it didn’t exist! When we arrived to the correct address, this “restaurant” turned out to be an abandoned apartment building. Um, what?

Anyway, we ended up walking all the way back to Caliente Cab in the hopes that the line would either be shorter or moving faster. It was neither, but as it turns out – we didn’t care! We finally got seated outside (it was approximately 50 degrees at this point) and immediately ordered gigantic margaritas and what we named Level 3 Guac (it came in this giant vat and we devoured it all within minutes).

Level 3 Guac Devoured

Level 3 Guac Devoured

Just as the Level 3 Guac arrived at our table, a large white party bus with tinted windows rolled up on the street. Our curiosity turned to pure delight as a Mariachi band disembarked – decked out in Mariachi Band Clothes!

A few select members of the Rogue Mariachi Band

A few select members of the Rogue Mariachi Band

They proceeded to yell “Ole!” and play their instruments and sing and dance around and at one point they were standing next to our table yelling at R1, “Happy! Happy! Happy!”

Then R2 appeared, we all had quesadillas, finished our margaritas, R1 left and the remaining three of us went inside (since it had dropped to maybe 40 degrees and was torrentially downpouring).

Inside, we ordered additional (smaller) margaritas and were immediately harassed by two drunk men with cameras. Some classic lines included:

“You would look good in my hat. I need a picture of you in my hat.”


“This is a real sombrero. I got it last month in Cancun. It probably has Swine Flu.”

Twin and I finally escaped and went to meet one of our coworkers at the ever-classy Off the Wagon, where we drank an entire pitcher of beer and peaced out so we could listen to country music out of shared headphones and prepare for Hickfest ’09 (which begins at 1pm tomorrow afternoon).


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