I’m back!

6 Jul

Shit it’s been almost 2 months since I posted. I suck apparently. I have had several nagging complaints and I do feel badly; this was supposed to be a regular thing! My only excuse is that the combination of my social life and work has left me entirely drained, pudgier than I was 3 months ago, and basically just absent from a few things I’d like to be bigger priorities.

I will be on a family vacation with my mom and Frere from July 11-19 (Idaho, here we come!) but I actually hope to use some of that down time to update this old thing. Hell, this blog is called Guide to Being Awesome…how on earth are you supposed to figure that out if I don’t complete the guide?!

So anyway, some highlights from the past two months:

  • May– Frere graduated from college (!). I began some kind of flirtation with KenDoll (not my chosen nickname), one of Frere’s frat brothers. Yes, he also just graduated. Flirtation turned into a post-college happy hour and subsequent sleepover. No, we did not have sex. Yes, the nuns are still banging down my door. Sleepover turned into constant s/texting. Frere and I went to Chicago over Memorial Day to visit Dad, Baby D and Baby J. They. Are. Precious. And I miss them every second. I’m sure the last weekend in May involved lots of drunken antics but of course I can’t remember them at the moment.
  • June– KenDoll comes to see me June 1 and kicks off the month with a great night. It is possible my roommate(s) heard us hooking up. The nuns are still after me but that’s ok because now the best way to call me out in “Never Have I Ever” is to announce that you’ve never called in sick to work to continue hooking up until noon. I can gloat about this because since then the drought has really returned. Flirtation is still current, but we will not see each other till the end of August. KenDoll gets put on hold. Other June events include: Twin’s BBQ, our company’s summer outing, an awards ceremony for our company, seeing The Hangover, a weekend with my mom, and Hickfest II.
  • July (so far) – I went to see B over the 4th in Western PA. It was awesome. I hadn’t seen her in SEVEN MONTHS which is the longest I’ve ever not seen her and it was actually so long that I’d forgotten how much I miss her all the fucking time. Sadly, it was almost easier before that – but I’d rather see her and miss her more than become numb and see her basically never.

That’s the brief recap. I will likely go into detail about a few stories here and there (I think KenDoll may make it to the Awesome People in My Life section – big maybe still, but it’s a possibility), but for now this is it. I’m going to focus on some other stuff that’s been on my mind lately…such as how I’ve become (or maybe always have been?) a relative prude, my reaction to an article my mom sent to me, and my newly discovered amazing connection with an old childhood friend.


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