Barbados Countdown: 25 Days

13 Feb

I’m going to Barbados on March 10 with Twin, B, and Twin’s bff. March 10 is 25 days away and my brand new Target bikini just came in the mail. Now, winter in NYC is not really conducive to maintaining a svelte figure, but somehow the past few months I’ve gotten way softer than I ever meant to. I tried on the bathing suit and let’s just say…not ok.

So what did I do? Obviously I took pictures of myself in said bikini (and three others, since when does any girl go on vacation with only one bikini?) and saved them to my computer. If seeing myself up on my computer screen isn’t motivation to get my ass to the gym, I don’t know what is.

My point is, people, that this Barbados Countdown is going to have to happen every few days (I’m thinking 5) to keep myself on track. Maybe, after 24 days, I will post before/afters, but only if I look hot enough to admit how crappy I look now!

Also, I owe you guys a Cali Boy update, I know. Or a few. I promise it’s coming.


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