Karma: Dating, Shoes, and the Federal Government

21 Apr

DSW is usually a total fail for me. Twin and R1 have the best successes there. Seriously, they get the cutest shoes. Ever! Flats, heels, wedges, sandals, whatever! They always go and they always find adorable shoes that fit. Twin has big feet and R1 has little feet so maybe this makes a difference because I have average feet and I can never find any shoes there. They are either ugly or too big or too small. Or too expensive. Which totally defeats the purpose of going to a Discount Shoe Warehouse. No, I will not spend $75 on those shoes. Give them to me for $30.

Which brings me to my recent shoe karma. And Payless. And their ridiculous-but-amazing Buy One Get One (Half Off) promotion which seems to never end which is also fine with me. Anyway, shoe karma and Payless are on my side! Ok, DSW was on my side for one pair out of the three new ones I got, but normally DSW is a total fail. I can admit this about the karma now because I don’t think I will jinx it since I already got new shoes and I don’t really need any more.

So yeah, my new shoes are really great and I’m really excited and I really think shoe karma came around for me since I recently gave up – gave up! – two pairs of shoes. They were really old but they were so cute and they both had polka dots and one pair was pink and from France and had sentimental value and the other pair was peep-toe and super trendy. But it was time and I accepted that and I gave them up and now shoe karma has allowed me to buy three new pairs of shoes for the spring and summer. The Payless pairs totaled $28, too. Win!

Also, random sidenote, but speaking of money. Yesterday I made several impulsive purchases, which tends to happen shortly after I find myself dead broke and then get paid. Also, living within 1/2 mile of H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, and Payless? Shopping gods are you kidding me? Ok, really I don’t shop too excessively and yesterday I only went to H&M and Payless but I spent close to $100 total and that was just unnecessary. But my point here was that then today Frere and I bought plane tickets to Chicago to see Dad and Baby J and D over the 4th of July and they were $200ish and I used my debit card and then I was like, “Ohmygod, what if I’m broke again? That would be a huge regret.”

So I checked my bank account and MY FEDERAL TAX RETURN WAS THERE ALREADY! Thanks, Feds, for taking my money last year and then giving it back to me months and months later all in one lump sum and letting me blindly believe that you’re just giving me money! Because that’s what it feels like!!!

Ummm so, dating karma. I guess that should be addressed too? I’m sort of sucking at that part. I mean, I deleted ALL of my online dating profiles. There were just two and one was technically already deactivated but the point remains. They are gone. Of course, I broke the date with the Almost Teacher guy who lived at home and then the one guy I thought was cute suddenly realized grad school was just too time-consuming to hang out with me. I deserved that. But then right before I deleted the profiles, Brooklyn Guy asked me out and gave me his real email address so I wrote to him and set up a date for Sunday. As in, three days ago. But then I day-drank on Saturday and went to be at 9pm but not before giving my number to two cute guys (both of whom I will be hanging out with again – in groups) and then woke up at 3am to throw up for an hour and be hungover and then woke up for the day at 11 on Sunday. Sooo I cancelled on Brooklyn Guy. And I suggested we reschedule. And now I have ignored him. Sort of accidentally. But also, sort of on purpose.

See how I’m totally sucking at dating karma?! I am. But also, I’m kind of ok with it. I’m really busy and I’m branching out socially which is how you meet new people and then you meet their friends and then you date mutual friends and maybe I’m ok with dating karma biting me in the ass because my shoe karma is rocking?

I mean, hey, you can’t have it all right? (Except when it’s your federal taxes, then you can, just a year later).


One Response to “Karma: Dating, Shoes, and the Federal Government”

  1. brooke April 22, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    i’ve never really thought about how one karma can offset another karma. hmmm…so…i’m not good at math, but is this how it works:

    good shoe karma + good tax karma = bad dating karma.

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