I’m Back and I’m Creepin’

3 Feb

Let me just tell you something. I have been considering coming back to this blog (because let’s face it, I basically stopped a looong time ago) for several weeks now. In preparation, or in search of inspiration, or maybe out of sheer boredom, I have discovered a few new favorite blogs. I have no idea how I found them because as you know once you start clicking on blogs it’s not long till you find yourself down the rabbit hole and in the heart of bloggy wonderland. My point is, I found a bunch of new favorites and work has totally been in this weird limbo stage and so I’ve been a little bored with maybe a bit more downtime than usual and I’ve also been lazy about going to the gym so YES I READ ALL THESE BLOGS FROM THE START.

There! It’s out! But seriously, some of you people are just so fucking hilarious I can’t get enough and when I want to read several of your posts in one day, guess what? I start with the archives, bitches. So, anyway, the blogs I read from start to present day were these:

Katie from Date Me, D.C. — I already commented on one of her posts and started following her on Twitter so if she’s paying attention to me (unlikely), she already knows I’m a blog-stalker.

Amy from Just a Titch — I can’t remember how I found her and I have to admit I haven’t been able to read ALL her posts, but I’ve read enough to know she’s awesome and a great writer and funny and relatable which is really all it takes to have a good blog. I also requested to follow her on Twitter and she accepted me so I felt generally cool.

…and through Amy’s blog I found Drea, of Caffeinate Me, to whom I have just sent by far the creepiest email ever of my entire life. It’s cringe-worthy, really, and I’m not just being self-deprecating. In fact, I’m posting it here so you can see just how fucking creepy I was tonight. And I’m 100% sober. Stop judging me.

Here’s the email:

To: caffeinateandrea

From: sara

Date: Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 9:18 PM

Subject: possibly the creepiest email i’ve ever sent

so, i started following your blog recently and got super entertained and read the whole thing and so clearly i got up to date. my point is, you post pictures of yourself so this is partly your fault because now i know what you look like and i’ve been reading your writing a lot. anyway, i also happen to be watching lifetime movie network on this fine wednesday night (sober, i will admit..i’m not embarassed) and it’s this movie called “accused at 17” and you look like the chick in it.

pretty! but yes i’m creepy and i’m SO SORRY and now i’m probably going to go post this whole thing on my blog so it’s not a secretly-creepy thing since keeping it secret makes it creepier.
and also i’m still not drunk or even drinking but i understand if you don’t believe that.
– sara, the delinquent fellow-blogger who just sent you the creepiest email ever.

Now, there are admittedly a few things to address here and I will address them all.

Firstly, yes, I watch Lifetime Movie Network sober but mostly on Sundays (when my hangover is such that my sobriety could probably be called into question). However, sometimes I forget about things like American Idol and think that tv-programming is sorely lacking on Wednesdays at primetime and I end up watching some kind of accused/dead/scandal at 17 theme night on LMN.

Secondly, doesn’t this actress look like Drea from Caffeinate Me?!?!?! Seriously I had just read this post of hers and therefore seen a recent picture and then this movie came on and I was like, holy shit, is that cool blogger I now follow also an actress on Lifetime? (They are not the same person, in case there were any doubts, but still.)

Thirdly, I don’t follow Drea from Caffeinate Me on Twitter because I get overwhelmed very easily so I can only follow additional people in very very small increments.

Fourthly, I’m BACK and I have so many great stories to share.

2 Responses to “I’m Back and I’m Creepin’”

  1. Amy February 3, 2011 at 4:29 pm #

    Hi there! Drea directed me over here! Who are you on Twitter so I can say hi and follow back and all that jazz?

    Thanks for the sweet words, btw :)

  2. sgba February 3, 2011 at 6:04 pm #

    i’m s_fry on twitter – the sweet words are true! :)

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