European Matchbooks

1 Mar

So, in the states before I came over to London, I bought this little candle from Bed Bath & Beyond to bring with me. It’s a nice shade of green and smells like mint leaves and lime (or just a mojito). It’s refreshing and fun and I was really excited to light it when I arrived. Until I realized I had no matches.

And I’ve had no matches the whole time I’ve been here! I only remember that I need them when I’m home, which is not where there are matches. Then yesterday I went to this great restaurant for lunch and right at the door they had a huge bowl of matchbooks! I grabbed two, of course, being so proud to have remembered to grab them when they became available!

See? I put them next to my nice mojito-smelling candle:

Can't you just feel the anticipation of the candle about to be lit?!

So, this morning, I looked at my candle and I looked at my matches and I thought, what a great way to start the day! Smelling mojitos! So I opened up the matchbooks and stared in at the matches. And this was my train of thought:

These are weird-looking matches. I’ve never seen matches on such small sticks. How would I light these? Maybe European matchbooks are different… Strange…where would  light them? There’s no light strip…

And then I saw THIS:

What a terribly mean trick!

As you can see, my weird European matches were actually Serrano Chili seeds. I’d light them on fire, BUT I STILL HAVE NO MATCHES.


One Response to “European Matchbooks”

  1. hijabeng July 14, 2011 at 10:45 am #

    Haha, that’s awesome

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