OkCupid London: The Really Sweet Online Gamer

10 Mar

So, I joined OkCupid here in London. I know I’ve said multiple times in the past how much I hate online dating and how I will never do it again, but let me be clear: This is different.

I am in London for almost 2 months, living completely on my own, for work. My office consists of 10 people on a crowded day and while my coworkers are great and I genuinely enjoy hanging out with them, I cannot rely solely on coworkers to provide a social life for me while I’m here. Plus, they are all coupled up – living with boyfriends, engaged, or already married. I also love the significant others, but I find that sometimes the Lone Single Girl makes for a weird dynamic when she’s hanging out with only couples. Aside from the coworkers, I know one other person in this entire city.

Enter OkCupid. It’s free, it’s casual, and it provides social interactions when I would otherwise be sitting in my freezing cold flat, shivering and staring at my blank, broken tv. Also, it’s already provided me with some great stories for you guys. Allow me to begin with…

The Really Sweet Online Gamer (unfortunately abbreviated to SOG here on out) is a new breed of date for me. I felt no spark, I wasn’t attracted to him, but I genuinely had a great time hanging out with him. Usually, a date either goes really well (read: mutual attraction) or really poorly (read: terrible person or one-sided attraction). As far as dates go, I guess this was a failure if the purpose was to find someone with whom to begin a romantic relationship. However, that’s not really my purpose on OkCupid. I just want to have plans. I don’t need to hang out with the same person again and I definitely don’t want to find someone to date seriously! I want to see new places with new people so I’m not exploring alone all. the. time. It gets old and lonely. In that sense, this date was perfect!

We met at this really cool bar in Soho where there’s live music every night of the week. For a date environment, live music isn’t ideal since it’s so loud, but this was a great location. I loved the bar and SOG was sitting at a little table waiting. He was taller than I expected (an online dating first!) and looked like his pictures. He was very much a gentleman: got up to buy my three beers over the course of the night, engaged me in interesting conversation, and laughed with me as I told ridiculous stories of my life. He was just SO nice.

And he’s exactly the type of guy I would try to get one of my friends to date if I knew anyone who would mesh well with him romantically.

My reaction to this date is funny to me; I feel like had I experienced this in NYC, I’d be ripping him to shreds with biting sarcasm and judgment. It became clear quickly that he is a tech-geek with very few real-life friends. (As in, he plays online role-playing games and makes his friends on the internet.) But he wasn’t awkward or inept or even that weird — all stereotypes and all the types of attributes I’d be looking for were I in NYC. I literally have nothing bad to say about this guy, which is both refreshing (yay positivity and openness) and also disappointing (boring blog post).

The funniest part of the date was when he explained to me the Secret Santa he did this Christmas with all his internet friends from some forum he’s a part of. His own Secret Santa sent him 30 pounds of bacon.

I won’t be going out with SOG again (he did ask), but I’d file this under the London Success Files for OkCupid.


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