Chronicles of the Unimpressive Gents

19 Aug

Yesterday, I mentioned that a date had cancelled on me. Today, I wish to enlighten you further on this particular topic. That is, Unimpressive Gents.

Dating has been a popular topic on this blog since its beginning, but an even stronger presence in my life as I fumble through awkward first date after awkward first date. In this round of “Sara Tries to Date Successfully,” I’m using the Two Step Three Prong Dating Method to a not-so-successful degree.

That is to say, I’m actively on OkCupid. However, I am thus far grossly unimpressed with the selection of men. And so begins my chronicling of just how unimpressive these gents are.

One such example of these unimpressive gents is the gent who cancelled on me yesterday. Our original date had been scheduled for a week some time ago during which I’d scheduled plans every day of the week.

I figured I could handle it; I’ve had many weeks where every night is chock full of socializing. Turns out, after a failed first date on Monday and a girls-marg-and-guac night on Tuesday, I was in no shape for another first date Wednesday after work. Did I mention my two best friends were visiting Thursday and Friday and I was leaving Saturday for Maine? Right. I needed a day off. Desperately.

And so I cancelled the morning of. I know, this isn’t nice, but my note was incredibly gracious and I sent it at 9am. This is what I said:

“Hey [Unimpressive Gent]

I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to reschedule. Some things have come up that I can’t get out of unfortunately. Let me know when a good day for you would be to meet!
Sorry again,


Anyway, he responded nicely and said of course we could reschedule. I held up my end of the bargain and emailed him two days after I’d gotten back from Maine. He replied the next day suggested Wednesday at 7:30. I replied saying that was perfect and asking him where we should meet. For reference, I sent the confirmation Monday morning. Given our pattern, I expected a note no later than Tuesday evening.

So when Wednesday morning rolled around and I still hadn’t gotten word of where this date was taking place, I was a bit confused and ever so slightly irritated. But I did cancel on him the day of last time, so maybe he was just taking his time.

But then it became 11am. And the date was set to happen at 7:30pm. Like, hi, some notice would be nice. Even my day-of cancellation was over 2 hours earlier than this! So I sent him a note:

“Hey [Unimpressive Gent]! Just curious where I should meet you tonight! See you later.”

Crickets…for another 45 minutes.

At just after noon, I received this reply:


Sorry for the late notice on this but I’m going to have to cancel for tonight.

[Unimpressive Gent]”

So not only did he give me a taste of my own medicine, he upped the stakes by waiting till noon, by waiting till I emailed him, and by not even trying to reschedule!

And that is the first installment of the Chronicles of the Unimpressive Gents. Good riddance to them all.


One Response to “Chronicles of the Unimpressive Gents”

  1. dddnick August 19, 2011 at 11:19 am #

    If he tries to reschedule with you, you should say yes for the sole purpose of canceling at 2 pm on the day of. You can’t be shown up.

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