Vet Friends Are The Best Friends

11 Jan

One of my best friends from college is a veterinarian. Aside from giving me major bragging rights on how smart my friends are, I discovered on New Year’s Eve this year that having a vet friend is incredibly helpful in certain situations.

Let me back up. The plan this year was to ring in 2012 at the Washington Hilton in D.C. with about 40 of my best and closest friends, all of whom I’ve met at least once. The party has a “creative black-tie” dress code, so obviously a new dress was in order.

I found my classy little number at Forever 21 for the steep price of $14.50. It was short, tight, purple satin and damn sexy. If that’s not creative black-tie, then I don’t know what is.

On a typical creative black-tie night – that is, any night out involving sparkles, juniors clothing, and too much booze – my routine is fairly predictable: I’ll straighten my hair, throw on some eyeliner, redden my lips, and accessorize. I also always, always have back-up outfits.

But I really wanted to mix it up for this party. I felt so hot in my dress, I wanted everything else to reflect that. Playing around with makeup isn’t really easy for me – I have smallish, very dark eyes and naturally red lips, so anything over the top kinda goes the hooker route. And not in a creative black-tie way.

So I decided to try to use a curling iron. And I also didn’t take one single back-up dress.

Well, to start, the curling iron was a fail. There was an epic battle between the curls I wanted to create with the curling iron and my natural ringlets rebelling. The natural ringlets won, so I had to resort to my default straightened hair.

I bet you know what else was a fail…

Ladies: You know when there’s that awkward side-zip on a dress that also has a waist seam? And how that zipper always catches right at the seam, no matter how loose or tight the dress is? Well my super classy creative black-tie purple satin dress had that awkward side-zip and also a waist seam.

And the zipper caught.

And then the zipper broke off.

So there I was, standing in my brother’s room on New Year’s Eve an hour before the party starts with boring straight hair and absolutely nothing to wear. It’s not even like I could have gone progressive creative black-tie and worn my brother’s clothes. He’s 10 inches taller than I am.

I burst into tears of despair and panic and hopelessness as I called every single one of my girlfriends attending the party to see if there were any extra dresses.

There were not.

But that’s when having a vet friend became the best thing in the world.

“If we can find a needle and thread,” she said, “I could … well, I could sew the dress onto you.”

My tears stopped. I stared at her. My brother was already downstairs asking his female roommate (who also did not have an extra dress) if she owned a sewing kit.

Vet Friend spent the next half hour on her knees literally suturing me into my dress.

It stayed on all night and no one could even tell I had pink, brown, white, and blue thread sutured all up and down my side. (Except for when I told them. And I did tell everyone.)

The best part? I didn’t take anyone home with me, but I still got to rip off my dress at the end of the night.

Sutured into my dress and I still managed to steal the decorative balloon pillars.


One Response to “Vet Friends Are The Best Friends”

  1. Ameena January 18, 2012 at 2:06 am #

    that was the best possible ending to that story. i love it! i want both to a.) have a dress sewn on to me and b.) rip it off at the end of the night. amazing.

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