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Life Goals 2012: February Recap

1 Mar

Well, that was fast! I know February’s only two days shorter than January this year, but it feels like it went by incredibly quickly! Overall, I’d say it was a strange month in terms of weather, moods, and general mindset. However, the point of these recaps is to focus on the positive, which, fortunately, has proven to be pretty easy. As a helpful reminder as I recap February 2012, here’s what I promised myself I’d do in each of these posts:

Give myself credit for what I’ve accomplished, no matter what it is. Be proud of the progress I’ve made, however significant. Allow myself to look forward with hope and eagerness to continue growing. I will be honest and optimistic.


Creativity/Writing  I learned I was a Stratejoy  finalist (go vote for me!)! Honestly, even if I don’t win, I’m already so proud of myself for entering the contest. I’m also immensely humbled by the outpour of support from my social network. People I haven’t spoken to in months and even years are sending me the nicest notes of commendation. I puffy painted a shirt for my brother’s 25th birthday and started painting an old foam tack board. I posted seven times, but feel very connected with Twitter and blog comments. I applied – and was not chosen – to be a Stratejoy Season 6 blogger and I’m really proud of the essays I submitted. Maybe they’ll make it up here some day!

Self-Care/Diet/Fitness … I did the cleanse! And then I decided there would be no more cheese in my life. Very big, fairly difficult accomplishments for me! I’m feeling really good about my sleep habits and have even woken up before my alarm more times to count. (And felt rested, not lethargic or sleepy.) I repeated the cheese straw recipe again and cooked lots of superbowl snacks, including dorito-covered pigs in a blanket! After all this, I lost three pounds overall.

Friends/Family … I booked my flight to Seattle to visit Katie over Memorial Day! Adam visited and I hosted a party (hence the cheese straws!). I had multiple phone/skype dates, met two pretty freaking cool bloggy friends, and had drinks with friend visiting from London.

Places … I planned the sibling road trip for Adam and I to drive from LA to Vegas for #BiSC. I went skiing in the Poconos and snow tubing in New Jersey; I went on a Spanish meetup adventure to Brooklyn and skyped with Amazonian tea farmers; and I tried a boxing class on Valentine’s Day. So many new adventures it’s hard to keep them all straight!

Finances … I got an iPhone! And then downloaded FIVE camera apps! Overboard? Maybe. But it means I’ve decided to skip buying an actual camera for now. I’m fantasizing about a food processor more and more; I just don’t know where I’d put it in my teeny tiny kitchen! Aside from the iPhone, I’ve been focusing on saving money and actually socked a good amount away this month.

Looking Ahead…

So, February was chock full of healthy accomplishments, tons of socializing, a good amount of travel-planning, and wonderful adventures. For March, I plan to make a real actual budget and finish my foam tack board (wherever that thing’s headed). I have a trip to DC planned, three more things planned that I’ve never done before, and I’m considering trying out Bar Method. Oh, and I’m also being a vegetarian for this entire month.

Bring it on, March!

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