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Wine & Love v.4

8 Mar

Hosted by Nora

I missed last week’s Wine & Love post and actually considered skipping this week, too. Life has been infringing on my writing time! I decided, though, that it’s far more important to me to make this a real priority. Perspective is integral to maintaing my own sanity, so without further ado …

… Wines …

  • I’m feeling restless again. My new job and new apartment sated me for a while, but apparently not long enough. I’m trying to figure out what I need to change (my location? my mindset?) to still my itching-to-go legs.
  • This week has been insanely busy. Between work and hectic social plans, I’ve had almost no time for myself and I think my body’s angry at my neglect.
  • I’m at a point where I feel very torn between the sentimental value of all my things and the undeniable impulse to get rid of all of it. This is both new and frustrating and I’m not sure where to go from here.

… Loves …

  • I’ve been having weekly Skype dates with Katie! It (almost) feels like we’re hanging out for real.
  • I successfully surprised Adam for his 25th birthday. He was so shocked and excited and we had so much fun celebrating! (Aside from the part where he blacked out and almost broke his foot. That’s probably in his “Wine” column this week.)
  • Despite the chaos, I’m so happy to have gotten to connect with some of my favorite people. Friends from college, old jobs, and my stepsister all made it onto my social calendar this week!
  • Being a vegetarian for March – so far, so good! Maybe I’ll dub this Meatless March. (Why did I just think of that?)
  • The Hunger Games (!) and the Kindle app for my iphone (!). Enough said.

As usual, go link up with Nora and let us both know what you’re loving and w(h)ining about this week!

Wine & Love v.3

23 Feb

Hosted by Nora

Presented without additional comment…

… Wines …

  • I’m totally have one of those ugh weeks. I’ve been cranky and irritable for absolutely no reason. Ugh.
  • I totally failed at making time for myself this week. I haven’t worked out, eaten well, or written at all. All of these things make me feel better when I make time for them and I know that – so it’ aggravates me that I slacked this week.
  • Since I’ve eaten like crap this week, I don’t feel great about my body right now. I know, I know, here’s the girl-comment-on-being-fat. I’m not fat, I just know I can feel better. I just need to take care of myself!
  • I still don’t have enough time to do everything I want. I’m going to whine about this every week until I find a solution that I love and can implement it.

… Loves …

  • My brother was in town for President’s Day weekend! We went out and got all drunkity one night and then my mom and stepdad came to hang out with us. We saw “The Vow” and my mom cried three times or possibly for the entire movie. Then we visited one of my aunts. It was a really good weekend balanced between family and friends and partying and chilling out.
  • The night Adam and I went out, Alana came too! It was so fun to meet her – I have to say she’s totally awesome (Hey, Alana!). I cannot wait to make her be my new friend here and also hang out in Vegas!
  • Speaking of meeting bloggy people, tonight I’m going to Bob‘s birthday party! We started g-chatting pretty regularly when we discovered he’s friends with a bunch of girls I know from college and now I get to meet him!
  • I’m going to the Poconos this weekend to ski. This should be interesting, considering it’s been 60 degrees and sunny all week, but whatever. I can’t wait to sprawl out in front of the fire with a bunch of friends, exhausted after flying down snowy (or not) hills all day, and roast marshmallows.

Karma: Dating, Shoes, and the Federal Government

21 Apr

DSW is usually a total fail for me. Twin and R1 have the best successes there. Seriously, they get the cutest shoes. Ever! Flats, heels, wedges, sandals, whatever! They always go and they always find adorable shoes that fit. Twin has big feet and R1 has little feet so maybe this makes a difference because I have average feet and I can never find any shoes there. They are either ugly or too big or too small. Or too expensive. Which totally defeats the purpose of going to a Discount Shoe Warehouse. No, I will not spend $75 on those shoes. Give them to me for $30.

Which brings me to my recent shoe karma. And Payless. And their ridiculous-but-amazing Buy One Get One (Half Off) promotion which seems to never end which is also fine with me. Anyway, shoe karma and Payless are on my side! Ok, DSW was on my side for one pair out of the three new ones I got, but normally DSW is a total fail. I can admit this about the karma now because I don’t think I will jinx it since I already got new shoes and I don’t really need any more.

So yeah, my new shoes are really great and I’m really excited and I really think shoe karma came around for me since I recently gave up – gave up! – two pairs of shoes. They were really old but they were so cute and they both had polka dots and one pair was pink and from France and had sentimental value and the other pair was peep-toe and super trendy. But it was time and I accepted that and I gave them up and now shoe karma has allowed me to buy three new pairs of shoes for the spring and summer. The Payless pairs totaled $28, too. Win!

Also, random sidenote, but speaking of money. Yesterday I made several impulsive purchases, which tends to happen shortly after I find myself dead broke and then get paid. Also, living within 1/2 mile of H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, and Payless? Shopping gods are you kidding me? Ok, really I don’t shop too excessively and yesterday I only went to H&M and Payless but I spent close to $100 total and that was just unnecessary. But my point here was that then today Frere and I bought plane tickets to Chicago to see Dad and Baby J and D over the 4th of July and they were $200ish and I used my debit card and then I was like, “Ohmygod, what if I’m broke again? That would be a huge regret.”

So I checked my bank account and MY FEDERAL TAX RETURN WAS THERE ALREADY! Thanks, Feds, for taking my money last year and then giving it back to me months and months later all in one lump sum and letting me blindly believe that you’re just giving me money! Because that’s what it feels like!!!

Ummm so, dating karma. I guess that should be addressed too? I’m sort of sucking at that part. I mean, I deleted ALL of my online dating profiles. There were just two and one was technically already deactivated but the point remains. They are gone. Of course, I broke the date with the Almost Teacher guy who lived at home and then the one guy I thought was cute suddenly realized grad school was just too time-consuming to hang out with me. I deserved that. But then right before I deleted the profiles, Brooklyn Guy asked me out and gave me his real email address so I wrote to him and set up a date for Sunday. As in, three days ago. But then I day-drank on Saturday and went to be at 9pm but not before giving my number to two cute guys (both of whom I will be hanging out with again – in groups) and then woke up at 3am to throw up for an hour and be hungover and then woke up for the day at 11 on Sunday. Sooo I cancelled on Brooklyn Guy. And I suggested we reschedule. And now I have ignored him. Sort of accidentally. But also, sort of on purpose.

See how I’m totally sucking at dating karma?! I am. But also, I’m kind of ok with it. I’m really busy and I’m branching out socially which is how you meet new people and then you meet their friends and then you date mutual friends and maybe I’m ok with dating karma biting me in the ass because my shoe karma is rocking?

I mean, hey, you can’t have it all right? (Except when it’s your federal taxes, then you can, just a year later).

Who Needs Quasi-Stepsisters, Anyway?

8 Apr

I sure don’t.

Why? Oh, because they’re becoming real stepsisters on June 12.

Remember when Alex and I made that joke about how our parents are dating and it’s awkward but we like each other so let’s make up a term for each other that sort of embodies that? No? Well here. It was less than a month ago.

If you read that before, you know I jokingly asked my mom and Bill to “get on that.” THAT being getting married. JOKINGLY being the operative word here, people.

So this past Sunday, when my mom came in and when Frere and I were slightly hungover and when I made my tiny little immediate family of three a delicious Easter breakfast, this past Sunday when my mom giddily exclaimed that our family was more than doubling in size…to say I was a little shocked would be the understatement of the year.

Wait. Strike that. After the last nine months, my mom announcing an engagement was not that shocking. The shocking part was the subsequent date of these upcoming nuptials. June 12. Of this year. Yes, that is 2 months from now. Yes, that is less than one year since my mom met this man.

Please forgive me while this blog becomes an outlet for my utterly confused emotional state for the next few to several posts. There’s a lot I have to say and think about and figure out.

A few examples: It amazes me how easily a “family” can be split or merged or changed in such a drastic way. For how big these changes are, they sure seem to happen quickly. My sibling count is doubling. As R1 pointed out, when she met me in 2001, I had one brother. Now I will have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My mom will now step into a co-parenting role with someone other than my dad. My mom will be a stepmom. My mom will begin helping to raise two young girls. Two young girls who are actually far older than their ages would suggest, who lost their mom not so long ago, and who most definitely do not want a stepmom. I can’t stop thinking about this is dichotomous terms: This affects me so greatly and yet I am so hyper-conscious of what the younger girls’ perspectives are. On many levels I relate: I have a stepmom and I’ve done the whole combine-the-family thing. On other levels I would never dream of trying to understand: Having a father be your primary caretaker, having just one parent instead of two, experiencing any kind of death.

What seems to be hardest right now is as I’m putting these pieces together, these pieces being my current, old, and new family dynamic(s), I feel as though I’m regressing into an adolescent. It’s an odd sensation. It’s odder to be aware of it. And to know that while I am 25 years old and while I have been living on my own, supporting myself, for the last 3 years, in this emotional compartment I am still very much the 13 year old girl who’s dad just splintered the family into two pieces. Having these pieces multiple and take on lives of their own – a full 12 years later – is incredibly unnerving.

The stepdad thing is actually not really even on my radar. Maybe because I don’t really know what a dad-type-person is supposed to look like, traditionally at least, or maybe it’s because I’m 25 or maybe it’s because I’ve only met this mysterious stepdad a handful of times. Regardless, everything else is really paramount in my mind right now.

Anyway, the point is I have a lot to sort out and it’s really hard for me but it has to happen if I’m going to come to terms with having an immediate family nearly quadruple the size of that which I was originally meant to have.

Frere’s 23rd Birthday Blowout

9 Mar

Frere turned 23 last week! Happy birthday, Frere!

Apparently, when your little brother enters into his solid 20’s, your own life begins to appear a bit tame. This is disturbing to me because I’m only 25 and I don’t feel tame but when I recount this story for you I fear I will come across as incredibly tame. Especially given my lack of posts the past week. Ish.

After Frere remarked that he has not really celebrated a birthday since his 21st, I invited Frere to come into NYC for a night out. My mental plan, which was formed about a week in advance, involved me taking Frere out to a nice seafood restaurant on Saturday night and then have people over to my apartment for drinks and snacks before going out in my neighborhood.

My mental plan was shot to hell when I forgot to invite people over until two days before the party and when Frere and his friend missed their train and when our backup restaurant turned out to be an abandoned warehouse. But it all turned out ok when we got a nice table at a nice French restaurant two blocks from my apartment and when my homemade buffalo chicken dip melted into gooey heaven and when enough friends showed up that it was a party but it wasn’t too crowded.

And then the fun began. Frere started drinking around 7:30pm, well before I dared venture into an elevated BAC. I know, I’m lame, but I started an hour later when two of our three Quasi Stepsisters arrived. Anyway, the party picked up speed circa 10pm when we blasted music and played card games and sped down the road to blackout city. When it was time to go, Frere, Twin, and I all took a drink with us for the 12 block walk. Twin shoved a beer bottle in her coat pocket, I stealthily carried an almost-empty solo cup, and Frere strutted out the door with his nearly-full solo cup in plain view. As Twin and I hopped in a cab (yes, we’re that lazy), the other drunkards marched toward the bar.

Fast forward about 15 minutes and Frere and co should have arrived. I send him a text asking where they are.

“I got pulled over by NYPD for open container. They’re getting my info.”

Um, I’m sorry, what? You got pulled over on foot? Eight blocks from my apartment? I refrained from freaking out when he walked into the bar a few minutes later, $15 ticket in hand. Not that I’m surprised, but I’ve carried many solo cups and beers and road sodas down the street without ever running into a cop who actually cared enough to pull me over and issue a ticket!

Then Frere went home with Twin’s roommate’s ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

And then he realized his $15 ticket is actually a court summons.

Now how’s that for a birthday blowout?

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